more political comments from the lurking chihuahua…

I’m not really very interested in politics. I am very interested in right and wrong; I find the endless posturing and scheming of politics to be a vexation to my soul ! I don’t really fit with the Democrats or the Republicans. Not with the Democrats because I am totally opposed to abortion, I favor a strong military, and I am not real thrilled with the idea of gay “marriage”; nor with the Republicans because I favor strict regulation of business (especially large corporations) and I am also in favor of government health care, aid to education, and in general an active role for government in society.

I despair for our country though ! I know people are not happy with President Bush, so there is a very strong possibility that either Obama or Hillary will be elected. If either of these sorry excuses are elected we are in very deep shit ! May God have mercy on our sorry asses !

4 thoughts on “more political comments from the lurking chihuahua…

  1. Me thinks thou worriest too much, my friend. McCain is a shoe-in at this point. Obama has too much bad press…..besides, he says “time for change”, but does anyone really know what exactly he’s going to change? His entire campaign is run on ambiguity at its finest. The only thing he has done since beoming a Senator is run for President.

    As for Hillary, she hasn’t passed one single piece of legislature since her Senatorship…so, I don’t see how either is equipped to run this country. Besides that…in the beginning, Hillary cried “they’re picking on me cause I’m a woman”. Is that what she tells the middle east in hard times? Stop picking on me? Puh-lease! That’s exactly why this country is NOT ready for a woman in the white house.

  2. Not that woman, that’s for sure ! I hope McCain wins, but I know people are not happy at all with the Republicans, so he might not…

  3. We are always put in a situation of voting for the lesser of 2 evils (IMO). Most of our government is made up of LAWYERS-that’s where they learned their corrupt methods of getting elected -big business/corporations donate to their campaigns and thus are Beholden to them once elected-so what about we the middle class!? The results of Corporate greed is diminishing the middle class-soon there will be the very rich and the very poor! Ahhh what about change?!! If you look back at most elections-it seems that they all run on CHANGE. Do you really believe anything would change for the middle class? I’d better stop because I could RAVE about the corruption in government. Everybody put your little stimulus check in a “kitty” to pay for more gas, food, product price increases!!

  4. yeah Smitty it does seem that greed, corruption, exploitation and sleaze are endemic to our system, probably endemic to humanity in general, i.e SIN !

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