some comments about Jeremiah Wright…

When my kids were growing up sometimes when they vexed me I would tell them to “go sit somewhere that I can’t see you or hear you”. Being a good bit older and hopefully somewhat wiser now; I will concede that I really ought not to have spoken to my kids that way. But when considering the “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright I would say that “go sit somewhere that I (and anyone else) can’t see you or hear you” is entirely appropriate. This man is bigoted, hateful, a buffoon, an ignorant fool, and last (but not least) a heretic. He should go into seclusion until he is ready to repent and rehabilitate himself !

2 thoughts on “some comments about Jeremiah Wright…

  1. Reverend Nut Job! I don’t like him, I don’t trust him and I think he’s a big phoney. Just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — there really aren’t strict suidelines on how to become a reverend. Heck, I could start MY own religion, too…and call myself a preacher. No one could stop me. It’s crap. He’s crap. And it’s people like him that won’t let segregation truly end in this world. They feed it.

    So, in a nutshell…he sucks.

  2. Yeah, with so many diverse sects and denominations out there, you just don’t know what your getting when you get a “Reverend”.

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