all things Google…

I said yesterday that I was a fan of all things Google: List of Google products – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Today I discovered a Google service that heretofore was not known to me: Google Book Search. Of course I had to check it out and sign-up for it: Dennis’s library – Google Book Search.

One thought on “all things Google…

  1. There are 3 services of GOOG’s that I simply love, and two of those they didn’t even create, they bought! Reader is my only feed reader, i’ve tried about a half dozen readers in the last 4 years and i’ve been on this one for the last 2. And the mobilized version works great on my smartphone!

    The other two services i like best and prefer over competitor’s are Feedburner and Youtube.

    My primary search engine is Live now, it caught up to GOOG in search effectiveness early last year, i only fall back to GOOG as an alternative just a few times per month.

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