Fat Bastard !

I’m working on this very large spreadsheet; an inventory for a liquor store. Amazing how much booze can be in one place, LOL ! While working on this list I came across a wine called “Fat Bastard” !

Did I read that correctly (I am transcribing a hand written list, poor penmanship) ? I did a Google search and discovered that it did indeed say what I thought it said: fat bastard – Google Search, FAT bastard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now, I will prowl the web gathering some more links while simultaneously working this spreadsheet…

snopes.com: ABC News Bans Flag Lapel Pins – shame on ABC !

Computer vision syndrome – Google Search – I am on the PC a lot ! I know from experience that it does make one tired and I prefer to read books or long articles on paper rather than from a PC. I figure this just goes with the territory; use computers and get eyestrain. There are things you can do to mitigate it though; good lighting, taking breaks, and staying hydrated are helpful. More links: Computer Vision Syndrome: Do You Have It? – AllAboutVision.com, Computer Vision Syndrome and Eyestrain – A Natural Approach, COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME (CVS).