Teen Challenge USA

I am out on the porch taking it easy. Perfect weather for that; the clouds are gathering, a light breeze blowing, and I hear thunder in the background.

Coming out of Wal-Mart I gave money to a group soliciting at the door:Teen Challenge USA.  When I got home I was reading our church newsletter nd there was a letter from someone in our Parish who is in the prgram.  So, I figure I ought to blog it too. They’re a Christian addiction recovery program.

2 thoughts on “Teen Challenge USA

  1. I am pretty sure that Teen Challenge has it’s beginning in the program begun by Evangelist David Wilkerson, who wrote “The Cross and the Switchblade” have you ever read it?

  2. I remember that book. I read it in when I was in high school; pretty cool book. I will check it out further and post it here.

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