sunday evening….

I’m a bit tired right now. Sweetous and I went walkng around early this afternoon and then I went to Borders for a while. When I got home I decided to try and fix my ailing computer. My Lenovo had Vista on it but it had been running very slow and just not working well; it would take like 20 minutes to finish booting. I was tired of that nonsense ! I had been using Knoppix Linux on a DVD but of course that would not allow me to save any bookmarks etc. I liked Knoppix and tried to install it this afternoon, but my geek skills are limited. I did not have success with that so I tried some other distros. Of course in the process of doing all that I totally messed up Vista. I was not happy, was thinking I would have to put the Lenovo in for repairs ! Then I tried installing Ubuntu 8.04 and I got it up and running ! I like it, so far my only complaints are a lack of google talk, the brown color scheme, and my wireless is not working ! I’m sure those can be fixed, I just need to find out how. I would think that Google talk would work on Kopete, I shall have to see about that. In any case it is working better now than it had been.