thursday evening….

This afternoon I had an appointment with the Dietitian at NNMC. It went very well; according to her scale I lost 7 more pounds: from 224 to 217 ! So I am right pleased with that. Things were slow at work and tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully someone won’t give me a huge mess that they need fixed right away…

3 thoughts on “thursday evening….

  1. Congrats.. You did a great job.. 😉 Just keep it up.. one step at a time.. Good luck to the next step.

  2. What was your heaviest ever? Congrats!!! Just take it slow. I’m a trainer and weight loss coach and also have a blog. I feel bad when I see people put the weight back on because they get upset.

  3. Thanks ! I was 240 in March when I started working on loosing. This morning I was 216 on my home scale.

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