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The links on the web are like footnotes or “see also” notes in books. Hypertext is better than footnotes because it makes vast amounts of information available at the click of a mouse. I used to read encylopedias in high school study hall; now I surf the web. The web is wonderful, but it has a “dark side” as well….

The web tends to encourage one to skip around, scanning vast quantities of information in numerous article without reading anything completely from start to finish. Doing this, one could acquire a lot of superficial knowledge rather than comprehensive knowledge. A person could actually waste hours even days skipping around just skimming articles. Another hazard of the web is the vast quantity of trash out there, to include: porn, spam, and a host of time wasters. Last, but not least, among web pitfalls is inaccurate information, bullshit and fraud.

When using the web one should be mindful and aware of time and content. For those prone to falling into cyber sinkholes it would be helpful to have a purpose for being on the web and a predetermined time limit. Go ahead and surf the web; learn and enjoy. Then get up out of the chair and go outside and play, or go talk face to face with a real live person.

Rather than distract my readers with links in the main post I wil lst them below:

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  1. Ok, now I will follow my own advice. I will turn off the computer and go pet the dogs, perhaps watch some TV before I goto bed….

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