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the others « lurking chihuahua – Several years ago my wife allowed her brother, his kids, and a couple other people to come live with us because they were basically homeless. We tried to help them out but were largely unsuccessful. Some of them left within the first month; Sweetous’ brother, the son, and one daughter stayed for a couple years, more or less. Having them live with us caused a great deal of generalized disorder in the household as well as a drain on financial resources. Eventually Sweetous told her brother that he had to leave.

Lately we have been getting calls from one or both of the daughters but we don’t answer the phone if we don’t recognize the number and we don’t return the calls either. I sort of hate to be so callous but I know from experience that they will just mooch from us ’til we are all mooched out. So, we will not be calling them back.

I did return a call to a bill collector and gave him a number where my brother in law could be reached. I know he has a job, so he ought to at least try to pay his bills !

I think these people need to be in an environment where someone would give detailed direction on how to conduct themselves and they would have no choice but to comply. We are not able to provide this type of environment; therefore we will avoid becoming entangled with them again.

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  1. I think we all know someone like your brother in law and his family. It is sure hard to deal with them. It causes a tremendous amount of stress.

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