weekend notes….

Thursday after work I drove to DuBois and visted my parents; Saturday went to State College to see Pig, Mike and the baby ! Sweetous and I returned home Friday. So now I have my woman back and yesterday we had a big house cleaning event ! LOL. Sweetous gave me hell for having such a messy lair. Now some pics of baby Mike snatched yesterday from Pig’s mySpace….

2 thoughts on “weekend notes….

  1. These are such great pictures! He is REALLY a good looking baby! My grandson was so tiny when he was born that it was awhile before he looked this good! LOL

    We are having our big house cleaning event today. We goofed off yesterdsy so now it is time to get busy. Chances are good I will be fussing at my hubby as well. You should see the lamp table by his living room chair…..yuck!

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