white extremists lash out….

White extremists lash out over election of first black president – Los Angeles Times – this is outrageous and appalling ! I’m not an Obama supporter because I am Pro-Life; his being Black did not even enter into my voting decision. It’s really hard to comprehend that this kind of garbage still happens ! Come on people ! Oppose the man based on his ideas and track record not his Race !

He is our President now; we need to support him even if we don’t agree with all his ideas. My opinion is that he will likely make some good changes regarding the economy and health care issues.

The resurgence of the Klan combined with the economy being in the toilet is worrisome; this could be a very volatile situation. Obama better get the Army out of Iraq because we may need it right here at home to keep order.

2 thoughts on “white extremists lash out….

  1. I agree! Whether you voted for him or not, he is our President and we need to support him. The direction this country is headed scares the “bajeebees” out of me! It all stems from GREED SELFISHNESS and CORRUPTION! Unfortunately, a fair amount of the blame goes to some of our corrupt government officials as well as the greedy corporate executives!

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