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The idols of finance capital are starting to topple. As Christians, we are in a unique position to advocate the transition from a profit-centered system of worship to one centered on the primacy of human development. – read this article in National Catholic Reporter

Why is it that [The Beatitudes] are so revolutionary that they actually cause the world to be turned upside down – and that those who espouse them as principles for daily living… are made to suffer persecution for daring to suggest that they are true? – This is a site for Progressive Christianity which is good counter weight to some of the excesses of the Christian right.  I generally agree with their ideas about economics but they tend to be “pro choice”  and in favor of “gay marriage”  both of which are wrong.

Interfaith voices is a weekly public radio show promoting religious harmony and interfaith understanding. The show is broadcast on over 40 radio stations in the US and Canada. For those who can’t hear the show on the radio, or who prefer the convenience of listening on their own schedule, we now offer a Podcast of our weekly broadcast. – I listen to this on NPR, now I can get podcasts on my computer too.