A day without a cell phone is no big deal to me.

This is a response to a the question on Plinky “Have you ever gone a day without a cell phone ?”

I’m over 50 and did not have a cell phone ’til I was over 40. When my kids were in middle school they wanted cell phones; so we got them and I eventually got one of them as a hand-me-down. Now I have a razor phone but other than the basic functions I don’t know how to use it and don’t really care. The cell phone is handy, and good for “emergencies” but I don’t really use it for casual conversation like my wife and kids do.

I actually dislike phones of any kind ’cause they demand my immediate attention when they ring and most of the time it’s not terribly important or worse yet: a telemarketer !

I don’t care for phones but I love my computer ! I like to surf the web, pay the bills on line etc. The computer is my essential tool, not the phone.