yikes !

It’s been a good while since I went to the dentist; I keep putting it off because it always involves discomfort, pain, and is expensive. Well now I will have to get an appoint soon ’cause tonight whilst brushing my teeth I lost a big chunk of a tooth !!

4 thoughts on “yikes !

  1. I agree……yikes!….I need to get myself to the dentist again soon but for next week its the optometrist for me.

  2. lol- What a coincidence! I, too lost a chunk on friday night while eating a Little debbies fig bar. It was a bottom tooth and the “chunk” was an old filling. It left a sharp edge that kept cutting into my tongue on contact-so, I took a part from my petgroomer nail sander and “sanded” the sharp edge to a nice smoothness! LOL Since I now have a “crater” I will have to visit the dentist so he can get as much money out of me that he possibly can! Smitty

    1. Those Debbie bars ! It would be nice if they came up with some way too really keep teeth intact. I know things are better than they were but it would be nice.

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