sunday afternoon…..

I’m tired ! After church I helped Sweetous build some shelves for the closet. I was going to work on a spreadsheet from work but I am way too tired for that now. I may try to fix my other computer which gets hung up trying to boot. I figure I’ll reformat and install a new OS.

Today was also a sobering day; my younger brother had a heart attack last night. He’s ok now, but in the ICU. Then in church the Pastor gave a sermon which was quite convicting. This being Lent I guess it is entirely appropriate to be reminded “Remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return”

2 thoughts on “sunday afternoon…..

  1. Hope your brother gets well soon. We all should eat more healthy/exercise/ and above all “avoid stress” as much as possible. Smitty

    1. Thanks Smitty, He seemed to be doing pretty well yesterday when I talked to him. All good ideas there, especially the one about “avoiding stress” !

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