playing with the blackberry….

My new Blackberry has a rhapsody and vcast on it for downloading and playing music; but so far I have not been able to figure out how to make it work. Way too complicated for me !

So I tried something different. I have itunes on both of my computers, so I tried copying from my itunes folder to the phone connectde to the PC with a USB cord. It worked. Now I need to see if the BB will still play the songs I put on there if I cancel the vCast and Rhapsody from Verizon. Seems to me it should still work.

Another thing: I can connect my BB to my tiny computer via USB but my Lenovo with Windows 7 won’t let me do it. I wasn’t able to make BlueTooth work on either computer. I suppose someone who is a real geek could figure it all out. Perhaps I will eventually…..