uncluttering and saving money….

Some of the subjects I follow on the web are: minimalism, simplicty, uncluttering and frugality. For the most part I browse through articles and some I read more thoroughly. Putting the ideas into practice is often another matter though ’cause I do have clutter and I really dislike paying a lot of attention to spending and budgeting. I prefer to be able to spend what I want without thinking about it, but that is getting harder to do lately.

So yesterday I did take some concrete action to do better in those areas.  In my email I noticed subscription for a blogging host was coming due the end of the month which would cost $80.00 for the upcoming year. Since I had not been using this service much, I decided to cancel it right there on the spot rather than putting it off ’til some unspecified time.

Then I looked around to see if there wre other accounts like that; I noted a file storage site which I was paying $2.00 a month for extra storage space which I was not using. I cancled the extra storage and now just have the 2 GB of free space there.

So, I’ll give myself an “attaboy” ’cause I just saved  $100.00 over the coming year. Every little bit helps. So perhaps today I will pack up a couple old computers that are taking up space in my “lair” and give them to my son-in-law to take up space in his house. LOL !