My Gateway netbook that I bought at B…

My Gateway netbook that I bought at Best Buy stopped working a couple weeks ago. I bought it at Best Buy in July along with a service plan from Geek Squad. When it stopped working I turned it in to Geek Squad for repair. The geeks told me that it has a defective hard drive and they would have to send it out for a new hard drive to be installed.

When I went to Best Buy today to check on it, the Geeks told me I needed to provide them with a restore disc ! Never mind that the netbook does not have any optical drives on it to make a restore disc !

I told the store manager that I bought the computer with an OS on the HD along with a service plan. I told him that I should be getting back a computer with an OS on the HD !

The Manager and the Geeks were argumentative and combative and insisted it was my responsibility to provide them with a restore disc ! I reiterated my point that I bought it with an OS on the HD and I should get it back with an OS on the HD. The Manager refused to comply with my demand that they return to me a computer with an OS on the HD, either a new one or mine.

So, I called Gateway and ordered a restore disc ! Gateway tech support was helpful and cooperative in contrast to the obnoxious rudeness of the Best Buy employees and managers ! They did charge me $20 for the disc which I think is too much !

In the future I will  refrain from buying anything in Best Buy ! I will look at computers on display in Best Buy and buy them direct from the manufacturer’s web site. I will also insist on a restore disc when I buy a computer !

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  1. Co-incidence! The Toshiba satellite laptop I purchased In July LOCKED UP yesterday-I called Toshiba Tech support and they had me 1. Remove the battery. 2. remove the power cord 3. hold the power button for 5 secs 4. plug the power cord 5. turn on computor 6. at safe mode click on “start in normal mode” (i use a mouse and had disabled the pad so I was not able to click! but it took off by itself!)Well-everything is back to normal-but you anticipate the “next occurrence”. He just stated “it happens sometimes”. GRRRRRRR. Hope you had a good holiday! Smitty

  2. Computers ! They can be such a pain in the ass ! I took Best Buy off my Shit List though ’cause they replaced it yesterday; of course they should have did that at the start…

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