sunday afternoon….


This afternoon I pondering what I ought to do. Suddenly it occurred to me fix my printer/scanner. A while back I figured out why it wasn’t working; it was unplugged ! LOL ! Until now I did not feel motivated to crawl around on the floor through the maze of wires and cables in my computer room to correct the problem.  Today something bit me on the ass and I decided to go through with it and get it done. I actually don’t use the printer very much at all; when I need to print I use my office printers. The scanner though is something I do like to use, so today I figured I would get that up and running.

So, I found the wires in question and plugged them in and lo and behold – the printer is working ! Actually the printer is not working because it needs ink cartridges which I am way too cheap to buy at the moment; since I don’t print much anyway. However, the scanner is working as evidenced by the fine picture of me on this post.

I was impressed with the ease of getting it working. I did not have to download any drivers like I did on my previous computer. Windows 7 found the printer right away and installed drivers. I like that !