update: saturday evening…..

I’m right good and tired. I stayed up too late last night but what really got me was shopping this afternoon and evening. I went to BN to loiter for a while but wife and daughter found me.  Sweetous decided I needed some new dress shirts and dress pants and of course there was a big sale at Kohl’s. So off to Kohl’s with my Woman.

I got some nice clothes but of course that was not helpful to my financial situation. Sweetous wants me to stop wearing hoodies all the time.  I like nice clothes but there are drawbacks: they cost money and they usually need to be ironed or sent to the cleaners. Sweetous says she will iron for me.

I had lost some weight about two years ago but have recently been a slacker regarding exercise and eating. I was really disappointed when I tried on a very nice leather sports jacket; I couldn’t find one that I could get buttoned ! I need to get back on my fitness program; not only so I can get nice clothes but to avoid having a stroke !