pondering the seeming invincibility of evil….

In response to a friend’s questions about why does evil seem to always get the upper hand ? Why do evil people always seem to come out on top ? Why are people so susceptible to evil ?

The short answer is that we really don’t know why God allows evil to exist and have so  much influence. I’m no theologian or philosopher but I do like to ponder things theological, so I collected some reading material that may be of interest to my friend and others with similar questions. Although it may seem like evil has the upper hand I live by faith that we have a good God and that He really does win in the end. Another thing I have confidence in is that whatever evil a persons does will follow them around and eventually bite them in the ass either in this world or the world to come; no one gets away with anything even if it seems like they do !

So here are links to the reading material as promised: