a couple of observations…..

I really like Fruit2day, a nice healthy snack or breakfast item.  I buy it at Safeway where it is usually $1.79 each; periodically on sale for $1.50. Monday morning I stopped at Safeway before work and noted that it was priced at $1.99 ! I declined to buy any. Anyway, same day, late afternoon they have it priced at $0.99 ! I bought ten of them.  Just sort of amazes me how something can vary in price so much !

I’m taking a break from transcribing a lengthy hand written list of items for an insurance claim.  The list (from the client) is infested with bad spelling, strange grammar, and odd word choices. I’m not an English teacher but I can pick that stuff out in a heartbeat. The really odd thing about this particular instance is that the client is really heavy into home schooling as evidenced by the plethora of textbooks, curricula etc. on the list. Seems rather odd to me….

LOL ! I better spell check this before I post ‘cause I know after ranting about spelling and grammar someone would be sure to “call me out” if they found anything here….