forgetting to remember….

What am I good at remembering and what do I always seem to forget ? Well to start off I will say that I tend to have a short attention span; frequently running on auto-pilot. How this came about I really don’t know but it is probably exacerbated by looking at spreadsheets all day and trolling about the web in my off hours. I’ve been trying to do better though by walking a couple times a day (try to anyway) and reading books on my Kindle in lieu of lurking on the web….

Anyway, I notice that sometimes (fairly often) I will be in Wal-Mart or the Grocery store and suddenly I will be wondering what it was that I was supposed to get ? I started out with a specific mission but somehow somewhere in the process I got off track. Then I need to call my wife to ask her or else just guess…..

I also notice that when I am interrupted while doing a task with a request for information or to do something else; I will forget what I was doing prior to being interrupted. That can be a problem sometimes….

Conversely I will often suddenly remember some relatively obscure event in my past or an unusual fact or bit of information will come to mind. This is generally harmless and sometimes can be useful….

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