Christianizing the US Military ?

This video claims that tax money is being used to Christianize the U.S. Military. I served in the Army for 20 years and I am a Christian so I thought I would comment on it. The video cites statistics and dollars which I really have no idea how accurate or not accurate they are. I can make a couple of points though….

First point being that not all the money for military religious activity is tax dollars, the chapels take up a collection just like any other church and they get donations from various sources. Also, the chapel buildings (the ones I have been in anyway) are designed to be used by various religious groups; the furniture, symbols etc can be moved around and reconfigured.

Regarding the assertion about mandatory religious retreats; given the authoritarian nature of the military I suppose it very well could happen but I never observed anything like that.

The video was difficult to sit through because of a generalized hostile tone regarding Evangelicals. I’m a Christian but not an Evangelical. I don’t agree with some of their theology or practices and I most certainly don’t like the politics of the Christian Right (or the secular Libertarians either) but really they’re not such bad people. I’ve been around enough Evangelicals to know that they are generally kind, generous people. So, don’t be mean or sarcastic, they don’t bite !