Remember man, you are dust and to dust y …

Remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return. Death is my constant companion and your’s too. I suppose that may sound melodramatic but think about it; it’s the plain truth.

So why am I contemplating my mortality today ? It’s still Christmas, not Ash Wednesday !

The reason is that I had an incident with my car in which the car started to roll backwards whilst I was half in and half out on the passenger side. I tried to wrangle control of the car but I was no match for gravity ! I could feel my left foot being twisted and pulled under the car and I believe I was in mortal danger of being thrown to the pavement, hitting my head, thus meeting my demise.

Somehow I was able to get all the way into the car and ride it backwards up over the curb and into a tree. The car seems to be fine and today I escaped the Angel of Death and got away with “just” a very sore foot and leg. Someday I won’t get away, but today I did.

How do I live with my constant companion, Death ? I live by Faith, I have another constant companion, Jesus Christ who is always with me and my faith is that He will take me into the Heavenly Host when I meet my demise.

In one of the ending liturgies at my via de Cristo retreat, the presiding minister placed a cross around my neck and stated that “Christ is counting on you !” He than asked me “Who are you counting on ?” My reply was “I am counting on Christ !”

I made that assertion years ago and I still do so today. I am counting on Christ !

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  1. Holy Cow that was scary! I am sure glad you escaped injury and worse! Happy New Year to you!

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