more about journalspace…..

They have the domains up for sale and suggest BuddyPress for installation on a possible come back. I hope they succeed with that plan. I liked journalspace and the BuddyPress looks like it would be interesting to try out...

tumbling in cyberspace….

I discovered a new blogging platform called Tumblr which is a quick and easy way to share stuff on the web.  It's sort of a hybrid of blogging,social networking, and bookmarking. In general tumble blogs emphasise pictures and quotations. I started tumblr blog here...

Twitter / jsupgrades

Twitter / jsupgrades. I used to blog at but eventually settled on I was going to move some posts from my old JS blog to here but I see they are having problems. That's not the first time they have had problems which is part of why I settled on wordpress.


I had a nice sleep last night, although probably could have been longer. I'm finishing my coffee and will probably do some more laundry today and also cut more grass. I just finished moving items from my old JS blog to here: 2006 June « lurking chihuahua, 2006 May « lurking chihuahua. When I finish … Continue reading notes…..