Google and Verizon….

Verizon and Google have formed a strategic partnership that will “leverage the Verizon Wireless network and the best of the Android open platform to deliver leading-edge mobile applications, -- I wonder if this is good or not ? I like Google but Verizon tends to be a pain in the ass to deal with....

Here is one to avoid: MyFunCards. I had my wife's NetBook today and everytime I tried to goto a website the computer gotstuck trying to go to a site called MyWebSearch. I investigated and discovered an icon on the desktop that said "My Fun Cards" which installs a "My Web Search" toolbar which pretty much … Continue reading


Switching to a Mac For Dummies by Arnold Reinhold My review rating: 4 of 5 stars I just started this today 'cause I am seriously considering a mac. This book provides reliable information in an easy to understand format. View all my reviews.

DropBoks – Free online file storage.

DropBoks - Free online file storage. (Secure online storage for files.). I spend a lot of time surfing the web and often try web applications that I find. Over the past week or so I have looked at several file storage apps.  The best one that I found is DropBoks.  I love the minimalist design … Continue reading DropBoks – Free online file storage.

the extended netbook…

Welcome To Eee Storage - My new Eee NetBook comes with an account for 20 GB free online storage for 18 months. This is nice but of course I would caution against keeping important items there without another copy somewhere else as back-up. All in all I like my new tiny computer !

the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true

More than 50 percent of Internet users who live with a spouse and at least one child go online with another person at least a few times a week, the survey found. Asked about the impact of new technologies, 47 percent said they have increased the quality of communication between family members, and the same … Continue reading the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true