Some good ideas…..

Lengthy article with many practical ideas for living better..... Many ordinary people would like to show their support but often cannot physically come out and ‘Occupy’ because we are busy working long hours to support our families and dependents, providing vital services to our citizens, and keeping our country running.

Some thoughts on Joe Paterno….

Joe Paterno had to go: a religious argument - The Washington Post | I agree with the Rabbi here; Joe Paterno did have a moral obligation to follow through. Actually the person who witnessed the incident should have intervened or called police immediately. In defense of both Paterno and the actual witness; I think sometimes … Continue reading Some thoughts on Joe Paterno….

“When I heard the Norwegian Prime Minis …

The temptation to respond by emulating them is an insidious delayed reaction that in some ways is worse than the intial mayhem of the terrorist act... When I heard the Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg respond to the attacks by saying "You will not destroy us, you will not destroy our democracy and our idea for … Continue reading “When I heard the Norwegian Prime Minis …

Capitalism at it’s finest….

Bankster robberies: Bank of America and friends wrongfully foreclose on customers, steal all their belongings - Boing Boing | BOA should have all it's corporate charters revoked and their assets seized. And the individuals responsible should should have loose their assets too and spend time in a real hell hole boot camp; that includes the … Continue reading Capitalism at it’s finest….

Facebook Bullies Charged

Facebook Bullies Charged After Victim Ally Pfeiffer Tracks Them Down Online | Clear thinking and excellent detective work ! This girl is to be highly commended for her clear thinking and courage to face up to cyber bullies. Hopefully the perpetrators will learn from this and change their ways....

Yikes !

Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down : Dead Serious News - This is really weird ! Not sure if it is BS or not but it is funny as hell in a perverse sort of way. But if it is true it's also outrageous !