new pics on picasa…..

pics of grandkids fall 2010 - Dennis Reasinger - Picasa Web Albums | I stole some pics of my grandsons from daughters' facebook pages and uploaded them to my web albums....

Memorial Day weekend 2010

Visiting Family Memorial Day Weekend 2010 « lurking chihuahua We visited my parents and Mike & Dawnie this weekend. LB, Steve, and my brothers were there too. Sister in Law Allison fixed a great dinner yesterday….

some Old Family Pictures….

I had an easy day at work so I worked on decluttering my desk, scanning some papers to save online, and then shredding them. I found some old pictures that I had scanned onto our server; so I downloaded them to post here and elsewhere….

Kid’s Artwork

I scanned some drawings that my daughters had made which used to be taped to my desk at work. When we moved the office I took them off my desk and had them stuffed in some papers. So today I was cleaning my desk drawer and found them and scanned them....