A busy day

A busy day; up early to goto church and then we took the dogs walking in the park. So we all got some exercise today. When we finished the walk Sweetous went shopping with LB and I went to Wal-Mart to buy bottled waters. Now I am in the process of reinstalling XP on Mike's … Continue reading A busy day

where on the web is the lurking chihuahua ?

Where oh where could that chihuahua be lurking... "lurking chihuahua" - Google Search "lurking chihuahua" - Google Blog Search "lurking chihuahua" - Yahoo! Search Results AltaVista Search: "lurking chihuahua" A9.com - OpenSearch Client Results - "lurking chihuahua" AOL Search results for ""lurking chihuahua"" Clusty Search ยป "lurking chihuahua" "lurking chihuahua" - Gigablast Search Results Lycos … Continue reading where on the web is the lurking chihuahua ?

Hello Everyone….

Hello Everyone ! I am at work right now. I work for a public adjusting firm as a "spreadsheet wizard & guardian of the archives" which means I am on the computer a lot ! While I work, I also prowl around the internet, and today I discovered Xanga & decided to join !