candles !

Hey everyone who passes by ! Go visit my blog friend at Nan's Journal and if you need candles; buy some from her! The Janey Briscoe Workshop has employed handicapped employees for years now and the employees do a beautiful job of making scented candles in an array of colors and fragrances..... The reason for … Continue reading candles !

myoldest blog post…

lurking_chihuahua's Xanga Site - 6/20/2003 7:36:41 AM This is a link to my oldest extant blog post on Xanga. I will leave the old blogs intact but I do want to copy the posts over to here as a long term project... Powered by ScribeFire.

maps of war…

Maps of War  My blogging friend Nancy sent me this link via StumbleUpon which in itself is quite an interesting site. I have an account with them but have not used it much. I think I'll spend more time with that site in the future: my stumbleUpon site.

Lurker Day

Lurker Day « Dime a dozen I was surfing the wordpress blogs and came upon this blog. I thought this was a cool idea so I will do it on my blog also. Please answer the following questions by posting a comment...Who are you?  Dennis ReasingerWhere are you from? Maryland, USADo you have a blog? … Continue reading Lurker Day