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Twitter / jsupgrades

Twitter / jsupgrades. I used to blog at but eventually settled on I was going to move some posts from my old JS blog to here but I see they are having problems. That's not the first time they have had problems which is part of why I settled on wordpress.

some links….

Some of the web-sites I looked at today: a lengthy linkage listing..... Plaxo Pulse - Dennis Reasinger Scoop: The Way To Santiago Compostella - Part 4 On Journeying with those in Exile Way of St. James - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James, son of Zebedee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Confraternity of Saint James - … Continue reading some links….

Nan’s blog

Smartiplant's Journal - this is Nancy's latest blog.  Nancy and I have been blog buddies for a good while now; we both tend to bounce around trying out various blog softwares settings. Nan's favorite subjects are her family (new Grandson) and noteworthy women. Go check out Nan's blog now, you know you want to !

interesting book…. How to Survive Without a Salary: Learning How to Live the Conserver Lifestyle: Charles Long: Books - I saw this book on Nancy's blog; looks like an interesting and useful one to read. I'll add that to my "read it sometime list".

where on the web is the lurking chihuahua ?

Where oh where could that chihuahua be lurking... "lurking chihuahua" - Google Search "lurking chihuahua" - Google Blog Search "lurking chihuahua" - Yahoo! Search Results AltaVista Search: "lurking chihuahua" - OpenSearch Client Results - "lurking chihuahua" AOL Search results for ""lurking chihuahua"" Clusty Search » "lurking chihuahua" "lurking chihuahua" - Gigablast Search Results Lycos … Continue reading where on the web is the lurking chihuahua ?