You are probably familiar with the 10 Commandments of from the Bible.  But here from Buddhism are 10 things you should not do | 10 Unwholesome Actions

The Empty Bell

Welcome! The Empty Bell is a sanctuary for the study and practice of Christian meditation and prayer. Our purpose is to learn about the history and practice of the Christian contemplative way as rooted in the Gospels, and to explore its common ground with other ancient Wisdom teachings. We give special attention to the Christian-Buddhist … Continue reading The Empty Bell

Buddhist Meal Chants

Buddhist Meal Chants - Verses Buddhists Recite Before Eating | We should be thankful for what we are given and mindful of everything and every person involved in getting it to us....

Panic, Storms, Projected Realities

Panics and Storms and Projected Realities Between Hurricane Sandy and the U.S. elections on Tuesday, the past few days have felt pretty intense.  And as usual in times like these, you can see the best and the worst in people.

Buddhism and Sex

Buddhism and Sex: The Bigger Picture | Sweeping Zen  | I like the point made that no one is immune to abusing power and that to minimize abuse there need to be institutional safeguards as well as individual vigilance....

Reading update…..

Fnished The Sutras of Abu Ghraib by Aidan Delgado and gave it 5 stars amzn.to/H9r8SO #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) April 1, 2012 Awesome book! Profoundly moving memoir of a Buddhist soldier coming to terms with the war and his deep aversion to war. Also captures perfectly the bleakness of life in a war zone…

Internet of things…..

Closer to One: Buddhism and The Internet of Things | Bonnier AB. In a very near future there will be an invisible web linking together human beings, physical objects and their virtual representations in an information network.