Public Theology

Public Theology: About Section This website seeks to promote a more responsible form of public faith associated with the historic orthodox theology of the ecumenical Christian church especially in the Protestant tradition stemming from the Reformation. Fundamentalism is a modern perversion of historic Christian faith. Biblical inerrancy, for example, is a modern notion of the … Continue reading Public Theology

A prayer of repentance for Lent….

Experimental Theology: Litany of Penitence | A prayer of repentance for Lent or anytime actually. When should we not be repenting ? More |  Repentance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,  Metanoia (theology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,  Repentance (theology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seeking the Spirit in Sexuality….

Seeking the Spirit in Sexuality | This article affirms the goodness of God's creation.... Theologically speaking, I believe that God is present, giving life and inspiration, to all humankind.  There are no "God-free" or "Godless" zones in the universe, and although we may turn away from God, embodying sexuality in ways that exploit, traumatize, oppress, and … Continue reading Seeking the Spirit in Sexuality….

Christus Victor…..

The “Christus Victor” View of the Atonement » Atonement » Jesus » Spiritual Warfare » The New Testament » Greg Boyd (Christus Victor Ministries) | I like the unlimited scope of this viewpoint....

Election and coercion….

Experimental Theology: On Election and Coercion | An interesting contrasting and reconciliation of Calvinism, Arminianism, culminating in Universalism.  God gets what God wants without nullification of human "free will". The article gets pretty complicated but that is my understanding of it in a nutshell....

The Center for Progressive Christianity - Home |, formerly known as The Center for Progressive Christianity provides guiding ideas, spiritual networking opportunities, and resources for progressive churches, organizations, individuals, and others with connections to Christianity....