Sweetous and I have been going to classes for the Franklin Grahm Festival coming to Baltimore in July.  They are having classes on Wednesday evenings at my church. The classes are open to anyone but the purpose is to train people to work at the Festival. I would consider it but I don't think I … Continue reading


.....this morning Sweetous, Piglette, and I went to church. David, Davey and Tony also went, Loretta did not go. I was surprised, but pleased to see Tony go. But i do think Tony's days with us are numbered: Sweetous was very angry at him yesterday for leaving the lights and A/C on in his room … Continue reading Sunday….


Yes, well I guess I will summarize my day.... I went to church this morning, Sweetous stayed home 'cause she not feeling well. Pastor Ray did a good job with the sermon today: he denounced abortion and gay marriage in no uncertain terms. Sometimes lately his sermons have seemed like random rambling, but not today. … Continue reading summary…

Busy as usual…..

..this has been an outrageously busy weekend ! I dont even remember anything about Friday. Saturday was choir practice in the morning. then we went shopping for a truck. Saturday evening was the cantata performance. Today I went to church and after the service another cantata performance. This afternoon and evening I have been helping … Continue reading Busy as usual…..