some links from my old delicious site…..

Bored at work so I looked up my old delicious site which I have left dormant for over a year. Looking thru my old links I will post interesting finds here today.... Personality Test Site | Saint Augustine's House Lutheran Monastery in Oxford Michigan | The Alchemy Web Site | ¬†Christian Goth | Outer darkness … Continue reading some links from my old delicious site…..

tuesday morning…

...taking a brief pause from this spreadsheet.¬† There's a light rain falling outside which would make this morning perfect for a walk. However, there will be no walk today for me 'cause I feel like hell on account of this ghastly head cold ! BALLS !!! It's been a few days since I posted here, … Continue reading tuesday morning… ...a social bookmarking website for the Bible. Sort of like but I think it needs some tweaking 'cause it's a little awkward to use. Or perhaps it's not awkward at all and I just have to learn more about how it works. I signed up for it, so I will soon find out. … Continue reading