yikes !

It's been a good while since I went to the dentist; I keep putting it off because it always involves discomfort, pain, and is expensive. Well now I will have to get an appoint soon 'cause tonight whilst brushing my teeth I lost a big chunk of a tooth !!

an update….

I woke up this morning and it felt like I was still partially numb from the novacaine yesterday.  I got dressed and let the micro-dogs out 'cause they like their morning frolic in the yard. I suppose they gotta pis too. Anyway, Sweetous came downstairs and told me that my face was swelled up ! … Continue reading an update….


I had a good day at work today, kept busy but was not overwhelmed; worked on a couple spreadsheets and boxed up some old files to ship out. Last week I was at the dentist and she prepared a tooth for a cap and put a temporary cap on it. Last night the tooth started … Continue reading notes….

Busy !

Well, I think this past weekend set a record being busy ! Let me count the ways: preparation for delivery of new bed to include moving old bed to other room and then moving that bed to still another room, working on the farm, painting, housecleaning, helping Sweetous with her paper. Last but most certainly … Continue reading Busy !

Yesterday I went to the dentist after a two year hiatus.  After the oral surgery a couple years ago I decided I had enough of dental activities for a while. Nothing hurts, but I figure I  better get  some work done before it does. The dentist is eagerly anticipating my future appointments; let the good … Continue reading