wednesday evening….

I missed my walks and blew my diet today. But all is not lost; Sweetous bought a Wii today and we were using it to do various exercises. I did 21 minutes and I did get a good "huff" going. I will use the Wii more, it's a good device.

tuesday recap….

I was not very busy at work today and also felt rather unmotivated. I did walk three times today which is good; a total of 2 hours. However, I also blew my diet big time 'cause I had a snack attack this afternoon.

friday afternoon….

An easy day at work, although there were moments. So far I have went walking twice today 20 minutes in the morning and 35 minutes at lunch time. I have also been keeping well within my 1,800 calories per day quota. I will bust loose from here soon and see what the weekend brings...