Dire Wolf….

The Dire Wolf Project - Dire Wolf, American Alsatian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | This looks like a very cool dog.... More: Dire Wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

notes and a picture of Puppy

I took Puppy to get groomed today. Then I went out for a manly breakfast with LB followed by a Wal-Mart run and then a leisurely afternoon in BN. Now I'm home surfing the web. Look, here is a picture of dog Puppy ! Ain't she a cute one....

busy weekend….

It's been a busy weekend ! Piglette, Mike, and baby Mike came down Thursday for a visit. Today we went to church and then out to breakfast at Bob Evans. Yikes, another bad diet day ! Then I went to BN while the others went to the antique market. Some recent pictures.....

A busy day

A busy day; up early to goto church and then we took the dogs walking in the park. So we all got some exercise today. When we finished the walk Sweetous went shopping with LB and I went to Wal-Mart to buy bottled waters. Now I am in the process of reinstalling XP on Mike's … Continue reading A busy day