an update….

I woke up this morning and it felt like I was still partially numb from the novacaine yesterday.  I got dressed and let the micro-dogs out 'cause they like their morning frolic in the yard. I suppose they gotta pis too. Anyway, Sweetous came downstairs and told me that my face was swelled up ! … Continue reading an update….


I had a good day at work today, kept busy but was not overwhelmed; worked on a couple spreadsheets and boxed up some old files to ship out. Last week I was at the dentist and she prepared a tooth for a cap and put a temporary cap on it. Last night the tooth started … Continue reading notes….

I was very busy at work all last week and this week promises more of the same ! I would like it to lighten up a bit, but anyway at least I don`t have to worry about getting layed off. This weekend we were busy at the house too. Sweetous and I worked on our … Continue reading