an update…..

After enduring a super head cold morphing to pneumonia and then the Holiday routine it's been a good month since I went walking. So, now is the time to focus and get back on track: today went walking 30 minutes at lunchtime.....

Brain Health and Exercise

Active Lifestyle Conserves Gray Matter, May Ward Off Alzheimer’s | Psych Central News I've been seeing a lot of articles about exercise being good for brain health. A word to the wise I would say is to start with an active lifestyle when you're young and keep it up.....

New bikes….

I just bought: 'Columba 26" Folding Bike W. Shimano 18 Speed Blue (SP26S_BLU)' by Columba via @amazon — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) March 10, 2012 My wife and I are both convinced that we seriously need to get back on some sort of exercise regime. We were out looking at bikes but decided to try … Continue reading New bikes….

interesting podcast…..

Today for lunch hour I listened to this podcast about Jesuits and Astronomy; whilst doing the elliptical trainer for about 45 minutes. Great workout.... Related links:Krista Tippett on Being: meaning, religion, ethics, and ideas on public radio and online, YouTube - speakingoffaith's Channel