physical activity and diabetes….

A lack of daily physical activity can lead to obesity, a major factor in developing type 2 diabetes - stand up and step away from the computer ! That is something I need to be constantly vigilante to make sure I get enough exercise. From what I read I can see I'm not alone.


Slow day at work; I finished a couple spreadsheets and now my pile is empty unless I do some filing.  I will leave early today because I have an appointment with the Dietician; guess I picked a good day for that. I'm hoping I didn't gain any weight 'cause I have been a bit lax … Continue reading notes….

tuesday afternoon back at work….

I enjoyed my 3-day weekend, now I'm back toiling away on spreadsheets. Yesterday we did a 60 minute bike ride in the park and then to I-HOP for breakfast. Today I walked 30 minutes before work, again 30 minutes for lunch, and will meet Sweetous for another bike ride after work...

A busy day

A busy day; up early to goto church and then we took the dogs walking in the park. So we all got some exercise today. When we finished the walk Sweetous went shopping with LB and I went to Wal-Mart to buy bottled waters. Now I am in the process of reinstalling XP on Mike's … Continue reading A busy day