good old days….

Some pictures that in todays context look profoundly ridiculous, scandalous or both.... Check out these ads from days gone by (and never to be repeated). Today, ads like these are offensive, irrational, chauvinistic, unbelievable. What will today's ads look like in a few years? Today's relevance is tomorrow's irrelevance. To lock ourselves into the spirit … Continue reading good old days….

Bad Barbie….

A little trashy humor....Barbie's Love Dilemma | Barbie In The Big House | Barbie / exotic-barbie.jpg | Goth Barbie from moveyourcar | 445_4547.1.jpg (615×461) | Barbie / exotic-barbie.jpg

sex bomb

I work for a company that prepares personal property insurance claims. A major part of my job is to transcribe micro-cassette recordings of inventories of items found at loss sites into a spreadsheet.  Often the tapes are not very clear and are difficult to understand. Today I was transcribing a tape and I heard the … Continue reading sex bomb