BALLS ! HELL ! @#$%^ !

Sometimes swear words help communicate feelings and attitudes but if they are over used it just looks bad. I have to confess that I do use some salty language when speaking but generally avoid it when writing. Sometimes I will make it humorous to get my point across; for example I would write that I … Continue reading BALLS ! HELL ! @#$%^ ! >> Michael Olesker >> Michael Olesker - The article is titled "The sad, sad, state of college english" discusses the importance of reading and writing for success and documents the decline of our language skills. The author is right on the mark.  I have done proofreading for various people and have found many errors and strange sentences … Continue reading >> Michael Olesker

visual thesaurus

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. - this looks like an interesting and useful resource for readers,writers,teachers and others interested in language. There is a subscription cost for about $19.00 peryear; wish they had a free version, I would sign up … Continue reading visual thesaurus

reduced risk of longevity…

Overweight kids face irreversible damage to their bodies and a reduced risk of longevity... That's what this article says about the dangers of obesity. Of course the dangers of obesity are very real; but what about the danger of bad sentence structure ? Shouldn't that be "risk of reduced longevity" ? LOL !