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How can we effectively teach our children about social justice? :: Rebecca Blood – links to an article pointing out the importance of making social justice part of everyday living rather than a discrete special project… American Jewish University ( AJULA ) - I like how this Rabbi thinks ! Similar to Gregory Boyd in … Continue reading sunday morning meanderings in cyberspace…

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Find the Best Twitter Apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Web & More - oneforty (tags: web2.0 tools social socialmedia socialnetworking software twitter apps microblogging tool technology resource applications twittertools webapps twitterapps) Ask The Coach 9 - (50 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively) From the Author - Darren Littlejohn (tags: buddhism 12step articles)

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Ultralight backpacking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: howto backpacking hiking outdoors ultralight backpack light diy minimalism wikipedia) Minimal (tags: minimalism blog blogs tumblr tumblelog) One Bite at a Time (tags: blog blogs tumblr tumblelog) Unix philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: reference philosophy technology wikipedia article inspiration software design simplicity computer linux programming … Continue reading links for 2009-10-20

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Human–computer interaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: design wikipedia computer technology computeristics cyberpsychology) cyberpsychology NTU (cyberpsy) on Twitter (tags: cyberpsychology, twitter) Cyberpsychology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: psychology computeristics internet) Hypertext - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: history wikipedia internet computeristics links hypertext) About Us | Interfaith Voices (tags: interfaith npr)

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Does the Brain Like E-Books? - Room for Debate Blog - (tags: blog blogs technology psychology article books reading ebooks neuroscience digital ebook e-books education learning) E-mealz - a meal planning resource for busy moms and frugal family cooks. (tags: food lifehacks nutrition recipes advice cooking diet recipe meals planning grocery meal groceries) … Continue reading links for 2009-10-15

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HTC - Touch Phone, PDA Phone, Smartphone, Mobile Computer (tags: mobile smartphone phone gadgets google computer hardware cellphone phones htc) Mobile Phones | Choose the Best Phone for You | Windows Mobile (tags: mobile windows software design os microsoft windowsmobile phone smartphone pda business)

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Christian Kabbalah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: christian christianity wikipedia mysticism occult gnostic kabbalah esotericism) Esoteric Christianity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: religion christian christianity wikipedia mysticism esoteric esoterism gnostic history jesus jewish judaism biblestudy mystery) About Mind & Soul | Mind & Soul (tags: religion spirituality psychology psychospirituality)