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Diana Krall: A Method Actress, Trapped In A Jazz Singer : NPR (tags: music npr jazz) NPR Podcast Directory (tags: culture web internet media news mp3 audio podcast music podcasts free radio podcasting ipod itunes public) nutr-guide.pdf (application/pdf Object) (tags: reference health food guide nutrition diet restaurants calorie calories pdf)

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Evangelical Politics: Three Generations [Speaking of Faith from American Public Media] (tags: evangelical charles colson shane claiborne greg boyd politics christian christianity abortion choice right to life krista tippett speaking of faith religion ethics morals) Google Reader - Dennis' shared items (tags:

found on the web this morning….

interesting items I found on the web this morning.....GOOD - a magazine and website for progressives...Issues | Libertarian Party - it's always good to have some contrary ideas to keep it all in balance....Lo-Fi Tribe - church blog, many insightful articles....apocalypto - Google Search - I will get this video, looks to be fascinating....All Songs … Continue reading found on the web this morning….