yikes !

It's been a good while since I went to the dentist; I keep putting it off because it always involves discomfort, pain, and is expensive. Well now I will have to get an appoint soon 'cause tonight whilst brushing my teeth I lost a big chunk of a tooth !!

CDC Monkeypox Homepage

CDC Monkeypox Homepage - I walked past a TV in our office this morning and saw something on CNN about Monkeypox. I had no idea what that was so I did a search.  Monkeypox is a viral disease similar to Smallpox which can be transmitted to humans from contact with infected animals.

RN provides an up close and personal account of her heart attack….

NURSE'S HEART ATTACK EXPERIENCE - Smitty sent me this article in which an RN provides an up close and personal account of her heart attack.... I am an ER nurse and this is the best description of this event that I have ever heard. Please read, pay attention, and send it on! FEMALE HEART ATTACKS … Continue reading RN provides an up close and personal account of her heart attack….

Sex in an MRI !

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis - an interesting article from WebMD. The strangest one was # 3 that the penis is shaped like a boomerang. What struck me as very odd was how they determined this fact: In an MRI picture, the penis looks distinctly boomerang-like, as noted by a French researcher … Continue reading Sex in an MRI !

Fat Bastard !

I'm working on this very large spreadsheet; an inventory for a liquor store. Amazing how much booze can be in one place, LOL ! While working on this list I came across a wine called "Fat Bastard" ! Did I read that correctly (I am transcribing a hand written list, poor penmanship) ? I did … Continue reading Fat Bastard !

reduced risk of longevity…

Overweight kids face irreversible damage to their bodies and a reduced risk of longevity... That's what this article says about the dangers of obesity. Of course the dangers of obesity are very real; but what about the danger of bad sentence structure ? Shouldn't that be "risk of reduced longevity" ? LOL !

information about Stroke….

Strokes are bad news; they can kill you or mess you up real bad ! If caught early and treated promptly the damage can be greatly reduced. Here is some useful information about stroke and how to recognize a stroke in progress.... STROKE: Remember the 1st Three Letters....S.T.R. STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend … Continue reading information about Stroke….

friday morning…

Tuesday afternoon when I left work, I had finished everything ! That's unusual to have nothing online waiting. Yesterday I got enough new work to last me a couple weeks. So, unemployment is unlikely in the near future; which is good. Wednesday I had a doctor appointment and again was reminded of the vital importance … Continue reading friday morning…