My wasted day Saturday…..

This morning I stayed focused for a couple hours and finished a transcription. Then I let down my guard and spent most of the day sleazing around IRC. I need to do better....

It’s Friday…..

Grueling day at work. I got a lot done but it was all new "got to have it now" projects and I made no progress on the work I was planning to do. Oh well, it's better to have "too much" work than not enough..... So today I abruptly decided to re-boot this blog. It's … Continue reading It’s Friday…..

an update…..

After enduring a super head cold morphing to pneumonia and then the Holiday routine it's been a good month since I went walking. So, now is the time to focus and get back on track: today went walking 30 minutes at lunchtime.....

an update…..

After a month long hiatus, I'm trying to get back into my walking habit. Yesterday walked about 30 minutes and today 1.6 miles on a measured trail....

Does advertising influence my vote ?

Advertising influences my vote only insofar as the ads provide useful information on what the candidate wants to accomplish or has accomplished. I pretty much base my votes on my beliefs which tend to the left for the most part. An big exception is my pro-life stance; I abhor abortion. I used to be hawkish … Continue reading Does advertising influence my vote ?

At Home in the Digital Age

The new family time: all together in the living room; chatting, browsing, watching. Mom has her iPad, Dad with an Android and adult daughter is on her laptop. The toddler watches "Cars" or "Caillou" on the Apple TV or persuades Grandma to let him have the iPad...... All this whilst the the other TV is on … Continue reading At Home in the Digital Age

Don’t tweet it, do it !

Social Networking For People Who Hate Small Talk - Psychology Today | Don't tweet it, do it ! If you're tweeting what you're doing, you're not giving the task at hand your full attention like you should.....

New bikes….

I just bought: 'Columba 26" Folding Bike W. Shimano 18 Speed Blue (SP26S_BLU)' by Columba via @amazon — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) March 10, 2012 My wife and I are both convinced that we seriously need to get back on some sort of exercise regime. We were out looking at bikes but decided to try … Continue reading New bikes….