The fat and happy shall not inherit the earth…

Yeomanry making a comeback... A fascinating article. Made me think of the Tower of Babel story in the Bible. The vast wealth and technology of the high and mighty will be eclipsed; collapsing under it's own weight. Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth not the high and mighty or fat and happy...

Rational thinking ?????

I started reading the book "Descarte's Bones" which traces the history of Faith vs Reason along with the odd story of his remains. Descartes  considered the founder of modern rational thought. So anyway, I scanned through the Wikipedia article for Descartes  and found this paragraph: Finally, although Descartes realized that both humans and animals have … Continue reading Rational thinking ?????

links for 2009-10-20

Ultralight backpacking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: howto backpacking hiking outdoors ultralight backpack light diy minimalism wikipedia) Minimal (tags: minimalism blog blogs tumblr tumblelog) One Bite at a Time (tags: blog blogs tumblr tumblelog) Unix philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: reference philosophy technology wikipedia article inspiration software design simplicity computer linux programming … Continue reading links for 2009-10-20

Jesus Radicals

Jesus Radicals is a resources for exploring the connections between anarchism and Christianity, and its meaning for faith and politics. My first thought is that anarchy is chaos which of course would be antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and His Church. In my mind anarchy and Nihilism are synonymous. I envision people indulging in … Continue reading Jesus Radicals