Some of my pics….

I was browsing through some old bookmarks today and found a link to some pics I posted years ago on a site that I had forgotten about | Dennis Reasinger's Photos | Gather

some Old Family Pictures….

I had an easy day at work so I worked on decluttering my desk, scanning some papers to save online, and then shredding them. I found some old pictures that I had scanned onto our server; so I downloaded them to post here and elsewhere….

NCO Academy….

Some picture I took while attending the NCO Academy at Bad Toelz Germany Aug-Sep 1981. This was one seriously stern Spartan academy. Note the # 395 on the upper corner of my locker; you had a number not a name ‘til graduation. Somehow I made it through....

some pics from an evening at home...... Picasa Web Albums - friday evening august 8-14- 2009 - friday evening august 8-14- 2009